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  • Consulting and training based on organizational development and leadership skills to achieve improved communication, understanding, and efficient processes

  • Topics:

    • Change Management (actualizing the change envisioned)

    • Communication and Interaction Styles

    • Dialogue / Active Engagement Skills

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)

    • Polarity Management and Problem Solving

    • Process Improvement

    • and more!

  • Training format is adaptable to single- or multiple-sessions in:

    • Half-day (2- to 4-hour time blocks);

    • Full-day (6-8 hours); or,

    • Retreat-style (multiple, consecutive days).

  • Individual and group

    • Simulations, exercises and 'Going Deeper' reflective learning segments are interwoven in the design for hands-on understanding of topics; and,

    • Mentoring (indvidual) and facilitation consulting (group) can be provided.

  • For sustained improvement:  multiple sessions and follow-up mentoring is recommended.

  • Pricing:  negotiated rate; based on format, number and length of sessions, and group size



Additional organizations offering dialogue-related training, consulting, and mentoring:


Meet with leadership and employees to identify issues, objectives, expectations, and timeline.


Design proposal based on sustainable outcomes - with a healthy mixture of hopes and dreams!


Develop a safe environment for adult learning.  Monitor and communicate achievements. Provide resources for ongoing exploration.

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