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Dialogue San Diego provides consulting services for clients who are prepared to:

  • Learn effective leadership through interactive and engaging exercises;

  • Create a holistic adult work environment; and,

  • Support a safe and sustainable environment for ongoing employee development.


Topics are based on the client's objectives for leadership, supervision and personal growth, interwoven with dialogue tools and skills development.


Materials are adaptable to various session formats:  2-hours, half-day (3-4 hours), and full-day (6-8 hours); or retreat-style (2-3 days).  Individual mentoring or group facilitation is available.


Larry Gardepie

Trainer/Consultant, Dialogue Practitioner, and Mentor

With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Masters of Divinity, Larry's varied experience spans elementary school teaching, youth and young adult ministry, human resources, leadership and employee development, conflict resolution, process redesign, change management, project management, strategic planning, software training and development, dialogue skills and active engagement.  He has studied the MBTI® and its application to successful team interactions.  As a graduate of the Contemplative Dialogue Practicum and a Dynamic Dialogue mentor, he invites others into the practice of active noticing, where compassionate awareness draws us into creative interdependence and freedom.


Leanne Peterson, President

Southland Electric, Inc.

"Our company retreat, featuring Larry Gardepie, aimed to increase each team member's appreciation for the differences in how each approaches a task, concentrating on individual strengths.  This comes more easily to some, but Larry's insightful creativity laid a great foundation for team interaction and growth."

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